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Body Contouring


I was so impressed by the results after one session of "Laser Treatment" at Ayurve Day Spa that I was running around...
Jade Y. Sydney

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Monday 9am-7pm
Tuesday 9am-7pm
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Sunday* 10am-6pm
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Sunday & Public Holidays-Closed
Note: Monday-Friday after 6pm you will have to call Ayurve Spa to access the lifts

FAQ for Cosmoceutical Facials

What is the difference between a normal spa facial and a cosmecuetical facial?

At Ayurve Skin Clinic we use a Medical Grade skincare called Cosmedix and Aspect. These products are alot more active and concentrated then your standard beauty product. If you want to actually bring about change and
alter the srtucture of your skin then we highly recommend choosing cosmecuetical facial as your skin care treatment, if you are already happy with your skin and maintaining this then go for your standard facial. You will be educated at the end of your treatment on what you should be using, and provided with appropriate products
for treating the skin at home, resulting in lasting change of the skin.

Are all skin types suited for this kind of treatment?

Yes, all skin types will suit. Our products contain no chemicals, no sulfates, no fragrances , no parabens, no formaldahyde or artificial colours. There is much scientific research that goes into our ingredients that provide safe and effective products to suit all skins.

Are these facials still relaxing?

Yes you will still be pampered but with the added benefit of effectively treating the skin conditions that are your major concerns.

Why are these facials so effective?

For starters your using a product that contains chirally corrected ingredients where needed, which basically means that you are receiving the purest form of an ingredient that can not cause irritation to the skin. The ingredients are delivered deeper and more thoroughly into the skin as the products do not contain fillers, but all active ingredients, making for faster and less irritating absorption.It gives you instant, lasting results provided that you follow through with appropriate homecare. Aspect and Cosmedix do not put anything in the product unless it will provide benefits to the skin.